Motorway driving lessons

Driving on motorways

Once you’ve passed your test you can take lessons on motorways and you might want to consider taking a pass plus course. These special tuition lessons let you gain more experience behind the wheel.

The motorway lessons allow new drivers to experience the pressures that the number of cars and speed of motorway traffic puts on them in a safe environment.

What the course covers

  • Planning your route
  • What to do if you break down
  • Joining the motorway and leaving
  • Overtaking and awareness for those around you
  • Driving in different weather conditions including crosswinds
  • Keeping at a safe speed with a good distance between you and other road users.

All of which will help to increase your confidence in driving on a motorway.

How much does it cost?

The motorway lessons cost £32.50 per hour with a minimum duration of 2 hours per lesson.

What areas do the lessons cover?

The lessons will involve going onto motorways in the Merton and Wimbledon area and may include:

  • The motorways the M25, M3 or M4

How do I book a lesson?

If you’d like to find out more or book a lesson, use our contact page.